Drifting is one of the most fascinating disciplines in motorsport.


Test your skill by pushing yourself beyond the limits of physics in an elegant dance between the curves.


Become one with the car and express your most creative side by giving free rein to what you have inside. Start the journey to become a true sideways freestyler.

Get followed in a dedicated program to achieve and set the goals with maximum enjoyment and maximum safety.


All in a professional context where we will take care of every moment lived together, organizing the times according to your possible and remaining available to make you live an unique experience.

The staff is composed of qualified professional instructors chosen by us, with verifiable sports palmares and first-rate technical know-how.


The headquarter is the ASC experimental center - Pista di Variano -

Located on the outskirts of Milan in a splendid context, it stands out for its uniqueness, the quality of its services and variability of the track layout.

At disposal the square of about 20,000 square meters fully wettable and, depending on the level reached, different track portions with the most varied curves and exciting speeds. 

Conference area for incentives, work group and an always active catering center.


Contact us and request any information without any commitment, our staff will be happy to propose all the opportunity based on your needs.


Drift With a Smile !