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In the splendid context of ASC Variano track we organize training sessions for pilots, even with different abilities and different vehicle, in order to share and work together, pursuing a common goal: Growth.


Yes, often not sharing different experiences may slows down growth for each of us.


Don't be jealous of your "secrets" but make the available to everyone, because everyone can learn something.


They are basically study appointments where you work with frequent beefing/sessions and lots of fun.

They are not "endurance" days but of comparison and work o moves quality.


The instructor themselves are part of the training activities and learn something new at any time like something that had never happened or escaped.

It is a golden opportunity not to be missed!

Among the services offered in this type of days we offer the school car rental and technical staff for tires changing, car check and supervision throughout the activity.

Contact us and request any information without any commitment, our staff will be happy to propose all the opportunities based on your needs.

Drift with a smile!